Hmong Food- Gluten/Dairy Free

Problem with Hmong recipes is that, if you’re not Hmong, most of these ingredients are hard to find or to come by. Some cooking tools highly used in Hmong families aren’t used in American families. It’s hard to come by and/or non-Hmong families don’t have the desire to invest money in the same cooking tools.  Mostly because the ingredients are parts of a whole pig or something. loL. And also, some ingredients are just simply aren’t traditionally used in American cooking so the average American isn’t familiar with. So one thing I will always guarentee is that, I’ll be able to simplify Hmong recipes so the average American cook can find the recipes, easy to understand so they can enjoy the food in the comfort of their own home. The ingredients will still be easily found at the local American grocery store down the street. 🙂

Other thing I do guarentee is that Hmong food is mostly gluten and dairy free. Most traditional Hmong food do not require wheat and dairy products. However, most Hmong recipes do add dairy and/or wheat because the recipes changed when Hmongs moved to America. I personally grew up eating barely any dairy and because of that, I am lactose intolerent. All though, I do tend to cheat quite often. I can handle dairy when it’s mixed/baked in foods, but definitely canot drink milk all by itself. loL. Since I have moved away from family and home, I have been eating plenty of wheat and dairy which caused weight gain and a few minor health symptons because of it. lol. Nothing to worry about though, of course. So most of my recipes are “fun” recipes for me but you will see most recipes in the future w/o gluten and dairy. For me, growing up w/o relying on wheat and dairy, is easy to imagine. But don’t get me wrong, I have temptation to indulge in wheat/dairy produts everyday. loL. Everything in moderation, of course.

Anyways, the point is, as time goes, I will be sharing gluten/dairy free recipes that I personally will be experimenting with and learning about. Though, I do have wheat/dairy recipes up for those that can indulge in it, there will be mostly Hmong recipes, dairy-free, and gluten-free recipes because it’s part of my lifestyle. I’m also partially doing this because many friends of mine enjoy GREAT food but because of health reasons, they cannot enjoy the traditional American foods because of wheat/dairy. This blog, is for my friends that MISS my mom’s Hmong recipes and for friends that cannot handle much of wheat/dairy, and of course, for those that choose to live in a healthy food lifestyle.

Anyways, just a quick update and have fun exploring this journey with me. 🙂

-Miss M. Yang


2 thoughts on “Hmong Food- Gluten/Dairy Free

  1. I love this. I haven’t seen too many Hmong recipes. I have heard that many traditional Hmong recipes are quite simple (in ingredient and prep) and there is a heavy influence from Thai cooking in a lot of the food Hmong Americans prepare. Very much looking forward to your future posts. We are hoping to feature a Hmong farmer on our blog in the future and would love to link to a recipe of yours.

    • Awesome!! I try to post one recipe a week. It’s not always Hmong but I’m trying! 🙂 I moved away from the Hmong community so it’s hard to remember certain recipes. I often refer to my cousins for help… they know the ingredients but they don’t know the “American” word for it. loL So it takes time to write recipes down b/c Hmong people don’t write recipes down. I personally go and measure as I cook now so I can get exact measurements now b/c people always ask for recipes. Most families want 4-8 servings, so that’s what I’m trying to do. Most Hmong people make 10+ servings so it’s hard to read/understand their cooking methods. And certain cooking tools are the ones that non-Hmong families use. So that’s what I try to do.. is “Americanized” and “modernized” the cooking methods for the non-Hmong to understand and enjoy. So if you have any other questions, feel free to ask/post. 🙂

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